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Press and Reviews

"Ms. Rodda’s splendid soprano soared and flooded the room with joyful abandon."

"Rodda was a vocal symbol of the strength and resilience of her songs. They spoke for the winners past and present who, despite obstacles beyond belief, have emerged with messages of freedom of expression and universal love."

Brooklyn Discovery

"Rodda has a lovely voice, full of color and body in every register, and the poise to perform unselfconsciously in an intimate space, which can be more of a challenge than a large hall with 3,000 people."

"As Alice, she was convincingly emotionally frustrated and physical uncomfortable, and as Nora she was almost serenely dignified, with a gentle demeanor cloaking a granitic backbone."

New York Classical Review

"Metropolitan Opera National Council NYC:

Meet the Encouragement Award Winners: 2014"


"Secret Opera Explores the Lives of Two Famous Female Characters, Interrupted"


"Nights At the Opera: Met Lockout, alt-opera troupes and Will Eno makes Ibsen Sing"


"Carmen the Gypsy Comes to Atlantic City This Summer"

"Bizet's Acclaimed Opera Carmen at Dante Hall"


"Bizet's Carmen With Hubbard Hall Theatre"

"We're All Doomed Fools: A Conversation with Cari Luna"


"Writing Rebels: An Interview with Cari Luna"


"Ridgewood Alive With the Sound of Music"


"Rosaleen, April 2nd and 3rd"


"A New Opera is Born to a Pair of 21-Year-Olds"


"Two Princeton University seniors strive to make opera more popular and accessible with their work 'Rosaleen'"


"University Shows Off Its Music Students With Rarely Performed Monteverdi Opera"

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